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Science-Educator Developed & Kid-Tested

explore outside your door” is the creation of Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone, founder of Storefront Science in New York City.

Bringing more than 20 years of experience, “Dr.A” as the kids call her, designs and packages each monthly activity kit to ensure that children of all ages have fun doing self-directed science explorations.

The kits are designed for 7-12 year olds, but can be used with 3-6 year olds with adult assistance.

(Oh, and stay tuned for our Teen Kits...)

Why Science

Creativity and problem-solving are cornerstones of scientific thought. Through the “explore outside your door kits”, children direct their own learning and engage in open-ended explorations that capitalize on their natural curiosity and fosters true problem-solving skills.

In the true spirit of inquiry, our kits don’t TELL kids what to do, no step-by-step instructions found here because that is not how real science works! We provide guiding questions and suggested activities so kids can lead their own learning.

Kids today will change the world, so we need to give them the tools to get started now!